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I usually do not write reviews but Karma Recycling work was impressive so I couldn't help writing my first. As I wasn't too comfortable sending my phone over mail with many doubts and also receiving money after, I was skeptical for the longest time but decided to do it anyways. My phone was promptly taken by their agent and mailed. And I received the money from them as promised without any hassles and very quickly too. Used to shabby customer service everywhere i was pleasantly surprised at the prompt customer service and their diligence. Thank you Karma Recycling. Please keep up the good work.
Received via Facebook from Anantha Bhaskar at 07 Aug 2015

When I was wondering in internet to get rid of my old phone, i came across this site. when i searched for my device(nokia lumia 1020) which was less older than an year, displayed price was much higher than i expected. they called me within 24hrs of my checkout fixed the date for pickup. Their agent came on the pickup date, verified my phone to make sure it matches the details which i provided. He confirmed the same price which their website quoted earlier and immediately i received the message as well saying that fund transfer will be done within 3 days. i got my money by the end of 4th day may be because of NEFT delay. one of the best service i came across recent days. Thank you Karma Recycling, keep up the good work smile emoticon
Received via Facebook from Vishakh Bhat? at 09 Aug 2015

I was skeptical about sending my phone from Bangalore to New Delhi based on just a e-mail confirmation and also with the conditions stated on the website. However, it turned out to be a pleasant and satisfying experience. I placed an order on Friday morning and immediately cancelled it stating that I am selling through another popular website as they offer ready cash even though they were quoting less. The Karma executive immediately called me to explain how their process is unique and there is no third party involvement. Convinced and I agreed for the sale and they picked up the phone by evening and verified all conditions I declared about the device and updated their app and I received a confirmation e-mail and message and that I would receive the payment within 3 working days. On the 3rd working day, I did not get the payment and when I called back they apologized for the delay and requested me to wait for another 2 days as their staff in South was on leave. And by the 5th day, I received the exact payment as per the quote and to my surprise, I even got a call back to confirm payment. I highly recommend this website for anyone looking to selling their phones or laptops for the best price and most importantly with NO third parties, talks or bargains.
Received via Facebook from Dileep AV at 22 Aug 2015

Generally when we hear about a Service like Karma Recycling we are a little skeptical because many of time we have seen this type of service failing. I was bit skeptical at first but went forward and gave them a try because of the positive reviews and various news articles that they had. I had to say the process was smooth. Pickup happened without any hassle and got the exact money that karma quoted credited into my account. Overall it was a hassle free process and would recommend it to my friends.
Received via Facebook from Sajan K Sakharia at 19 Nov 2015

Thanks to Karma Recycling I recycled my Lumia 620 for Rs. 4.3K I found it worth. I bought that phone exactly 2 years before for Rs. 10K. I handed over my pet-phone half-hearted to them without any defects.
Received via Facebook from Ramakrishnan Seenu at 29 Aug 2015

I am extremely satisfied with the flawless service you provided. Would highly recommend Karma recycling to everyone. These guys are way better than olx, quickr etc.
Received via Facebook from Chetna Maan at 23 Oct 2015

Hi i m santosh jena from new Delhi i m so happy box karma recycling is attempings to bring helping a change and its a helping people and corporate to the custmers service is so good,any one want to sell any old mobiles.etc pls contact to karmarcycling
Received via Facebook from Geeta Santosh Jena at 12 Sep 2015

Great initiative and a job well done. From a customer's standpoint, all I can ask for is speedy pickup & money disbursement. From my interaction with you, I can say one thing that you guys know what you are doing.
Received via Facebook from Puneet Singh Rathor at 11 Sep 2015
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