E-Waste Management Services | Karma Recycling
Our Philosophy

Karma Recycling was started by friends as an awareness foundation to tackle the growing mountain of electronics in India - electronics produced and marketed en masse with little thought on where they would go or how they would be handled when they reach the end of their "usefulness" to us.

Born from a social need, Karma Recycling has since turned into a turnkey manager of electronic waste or "e-waste", electronics trade-in programs, and return of product for the best companies in the world - our clients. So whatever the reason you need to take-back product or simply dispose off your electronic junk, we can make it happen.

Karma's team has the experience and professionalism to work directly with our client's customers to complete trade-in transactions, evidenced by our own e-portal for old gadgets, or devise clever logistics solutions for our clients to handle rejected or "broken" electronics across India.