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Karma Recycling is a leading trade-in operator and redistributor of mobile devices in India. Karma's consumer and enterprise software and services solutions help consumers, retailers and OEMs manage large-scale buyback and trade-in programs.

With more than 950 million devices currently in use, India is the third largest mobile devices market in the world, and is rapidly becoming a global nerve center for device commerce, re-commerce, and recycling. Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness and access to convenient services that allow the appropriate disposal of these devices, electronics that could be refurbished, resold or recycled are either sitting in drawers, being wasted, or ending up in landfills.

Founded in 2013, Karma Recycling was born with the philosophy that a useless device for someone can turn into a useful device for someone else. We realised that the e-waste that is negatively impacting our environment could positively be stimulating the economy when we choose to reuse mobile devices. What goes around, comes around.​

Karma Recycling runs an online electronics trade-in service (www.karmarecycling.in/eportal) which allow users across 24 cities in India to sell over 3000 models of used working and non-working smartphones, tablets or laptops of almost all leading brands directly from their home.With a unique pricing algorithm fine-tuned to the Indian market, Karma delivers instant quotes for devices in any condition, providing free pickup and quick payment by NEFT, cheque, or gift card.Karma also powers in store-exchange programs for electronic manufacturers and retail chains across the country. Mobile device owners can now carry their old devices into the stores they buy new electronics from. Through a backend powered by Karma they get an immediate in-store value against the purchase of new electronic devices.

After purchasing the device, Karma does a full data wipe and software reboot of the device, repairs whatever needs repair, and, post a 50+ step check of the device, re-packages devices for sale at a fraction of their original cost. These refreshed devices are re-sold with a 15-day money back guarantee. All non-repairable devices and spare parts are scientifically recycled back into metals and plastics.Karma’s service makes it simple for the common man to re-sell and/or recycle their used electronic devices scientifically, helping conserve the planet’s resources, and putting some extra cash in their pockets.

In addition to providing a household trade-in service, Karma, is a Government of India authorized electronic waste collector and segregator and advises corporates nationwide on the operational impacts of the recent electronic waste legislation passed recently by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Karma quantifies the impact of Government legislation on internal e-waste management guidelines and policy, and helps corporates streamline their pan-India generation of e-waste into an environmentally responsible and, and logistically efficient process.

Since our inception, we have collected over 100 thousand mobile devices through our trade-in programs, and redistributed them around the country. We have empowered many who could not afford a brand new mobile device with branded smartphones at low cost, allowing them to enter the mobile conversation. Through mobile device re-use, tons of e-waste is continually being diverted from landfills. The aim is to extend the life of a mobile device as much as possible, and when it cannot be extended any further, to recycle it responsible. We have restored an impressive 95% of mobile devices we’ve collected. The remaining 5% are recycled responsibly according to our zero landfill policy.

Aamir Jariwala

Co-founder & Director

Aamir Jariwala is the Co-Founder and CEO of Karma Recycling. Prior to founding Karma, Aamir was an investment banker with UBS and Mitsubishi Securities across New York, London and Tokyo and a professional investor in troubled middle market companies in the USA. Leaving a cushy corporate life and choosing India with his feet, Aamir focused his entrepreneurial energies on alleviating the grim electronic waste predicament facing India. Using software applications to design product take-back systems for manufacturers, retailers and consumers, Karma has active consumer facing operations in 24 cities across India and is a go-to provider of exchange programs and trade-in solutions for organised retailers. A big believer in the concept of Karma, Aamir is an Industrial Engineer from Northwestern University where he was a Ford Motor Company Dean Scholar.


Co-founder & Director

Prior to founding Karma, Akshat founded Glazetech Industries, a manufacturer and supplier of innovative and "green" building materials and metal facade solutions in 2006 in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India). Under his leadership the company has grown from 20 to 100 employees currently has an annual turnover of $5 million. In 2008 Glazetech Industries received a nomination as one of Hottest Startups in India by the TATA Group.

Akshat spent his childhood in Italy and did his initial years of schooling from Padua. Later he attended boarding school at Aiglon College, Switzerland. He has earned his BA, Economics and International Relations from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL, USA) and is proficient in Hindi, English, Italian, French and Spanish.

IIMA-CIIE - Infuse Ventures

Set-up by IIMA’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship Infuse Ventures is a sustainability and energy focused early-stage and incubation fund supporting entrepreneurs across renewables, resource efficiency and other sustainability domains. Infuse Ventures is backed by Government of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Technology Development Board, The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), BP, Godrej Industries, ICICI Bank, SIDBI, Bank of India and Union Bank. CIIE also operates India’s only cleantech focused accelerator and has also recently grant-seeded several startups in the cleantech sector.

For further information, visit: www.infuseventures.in

ERM - Low Carbon Enterprise Fund

The LCEF was established in 2008 to provide venture capital and professional support for environmental entrepreneurs in emerging economies. The ventures with which we work are delivering innovative products and services that have the potential to have a substantial positive impact on the environment, reducing carbon and waste, and creating sustainable livelihoods. The LCEF is able to draw upon the expertise of the world’s leading sustainability consultancy, Environmental Resources Management (ERM). A global network of 5,000 ERM consultants, from across 150 offices in 50 countries, are available to provide technical and management support to these ventures as part of its commitment to sustainability and entrepreneurship.

For further information, visit: www.ermfoundation-lcef.com

Karma Recycling is a Government of India authorized clean technology company that provides an easy, fast, and safe way for consumers and businesses to get rid of useless electronics such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. For multi-point retailers, Karma's technology solution XchangeHub, effectively manages product take-back and recycling programs across stores. For consumers, Karma provides simple alternatives to avoid time consuming and risky online experiences associated with peer-to-peer (C2C) selling and provides individuals with paid packaging and shipping options to easily dispose gadgets that would otherwise make their way to drawers, closets, toy boxes and worst of all, to the landfill. Karma repairs and refreshes these mobile devices and prepares them for resale, recycling what cannot be reused. This e-waste that was negatively impacting our environment now stimulates the global economy when we give mobile devices a second life. What goes around, comes around.

What we look for in People?

Be fun, hard-working, and intelligent self-starters with strong problem-solving skills, a fire to do something meaningful, and a committed entrepreneurial mindset. You must be focused and able to work on projects on your own, but also comfortable in a team setting. Most importantly, you must enjoy building and contributing to systems of any size and solving puzzles / new challenges every day.

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If you'd like to join our mission-oriented team of planet-savers, drop us a line at hr@karmarecycling.in with a short description of yourself and why you'd like to join the team. We're always looking for candidates with strong technical skills in programming and business development folks so do write in with a description of yourself and where you can see a fit.

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